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Monday, August 29, 2011

Strangers of Ralph Lauren

Shout out to Mr. Mario, I Definitely expect  see him at the top. If i don't see him at the top  im going to be Depressed, this guy is an amazing model. I know he's destined for major greatness.
Polo Ralph Lauren  model Mario, well done sir.

When I first saw this i told him "The race is on, see you at the top."

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business or just a fan congratulate him Chicago is definitely stepping up.
Friday, August 19, 2011

Ive been knocking on your door.

The Strangers are my Associate's   with all of the same dream's   Plan's to be an  actors, Model, Directors or whatever. My name is Brent Ezekiel Williams I am from south Chicago  I am a model, actor and director. I plan to  move to California after and starting my life out in  the acting industry.

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Photography:By  Felton Kizer
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About Me

My name is Brent Ezekiel Williams I am Aspiring actor and model.I was born in South Chicago.I don't have a dream i have a PLAN. My plan is to be a Drama major at CSULA (California State Los Angeles), then Audition For play's, commercial's, movies, short film's. but my dream is to work with smith, Idris Elba, Pooch Hall and Denzel washington.
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